Ventolin VS Proair – What You Must Know About These Two Drugs

proair-onlineIt is quite scary to have an asthma attack. It closes the airway to facilitate effective breathing and it brings chest pain. Asthma occurs as a result of the exposure from allergens and irritants. The best thing these days is that this condition can be controlled. There are medications that can help overcome an asthma attack almost immediately. Two of the most popular medications used for asthma are Ventolin and Proair.

Nevertheless, there is an ongoing debate between these two drugs. Some patients prefer Ventolin while others prefer Proair. Though there are differences between the two, they are only minimal. According to patients suffering from asthma, they prefer to use Ventolin rather than Proair. Ventolin has a better dose counter than Proair. This gives you information on how many dosages are left in an inhaler. That being said, you get to know the best time when to purchase another inhaler to avoid running out of it.

It Depends On The Propellant

It is also a must to know that inhalers make use of a propellant to “puff” the medication out of the tube, then release it into the airway. Hydrofluoroalkane is an example of a chemical used as a propellant. It causesless damage to the environment unlike chlorofluorocarbon. Hydrofluoroalkane also makes it safe for patients to put the inhaler directly in the mouth when they use it. With regards to propellant, there are no differences between Ventolin and Proair.

What Are The Advantages Of Ventolin And Proair?

For patients using Proair, they have found certain qualities that make the medication more preferable than Ventolin. One of the main reasons why patients use Proair is that it does not need to be re-primed after they are dropped. That being said, it saves time that is significant during an episode of asthma. Likewise, Proair can last up to two years, which makes it the more viable option for patients who only use inhalers in some occasions.

Salbutamol-formulaOn the other hand, users of Ventolin said that the inhalers are much easier to clean than any other brands. They are also highly ideal for patients suffering from exercise-induced asthma. The ergonomic design of the Ventolin inhaler is also more ideal when packing in a bag or in the pocket.

Both medications contain the active ingredient Albuterol. This ingredient is the key element in stopping the attacks caused by asthma. The differences between these two medications are very minimal. If you really want to know the best between Ventolin and Proair, you can try them both.